Fools play with fire

What was meant to be a review of power, turned to be a petty & pathetic move?

These are the three heads of crimes, the classical colonial icons in history.

The classic colonial twins France & Britain, as usual, dragged like cattle & led by their master, the United States, strikes Syria as they wants.

Only mental ill was convinced of the alleged chemical attack story, to which the Syrian government was accused, the pretext for the attack, which was nothing more than an act.

We’re certainly not underestimating the ability of the three countries.

America alone can wipe Syria and the whole region off the map, if it wants to, but it will take Israel on its way.

The strike was targeted several sites & the Syrian defenses were able to reduce the losses in a large & interesting manner without exaggerating.

To this date, there is no accurate information on the actual number of missiles & bombs that been used, however, what was confirmed was as follows:

• 4 missiles targeted Damascus International Airport: which all were intercepted
• 12 missiles targeted the Shayrat military airport: (the same airport in Homs, which was targeted in the previous American strike) also all 12 missiles were intercepted
• 12 rockets targeted the Dumair military airport: all were intercepted
• 18 missiles targeted the Beli military airport, south-east of Damascus countryside: all were intercepted
• 9 missiles targeting the Mezza military airport in Damascus: Five of Nine missiles were intercepted
• 16 missiles targeted Homs military airport: 13 missiles were intercepted
• 30 missiles targeted each of the scientific research centers in the area of Barzeh & Jumraya in Damascus: Only seven rockets were intercepted
• 4 missiles targeted Lebanese Hezbollah headquarters in Qusayr, west of Homs: There is no information, however some sources says that missiles hit their target
• There are Information on targeting bases of the Syrian Republican Guard on the Qasyion Mountain in Damascus & base belongs to the fourth armored division at the countryside of Damascus: There is no confirmed information about it
• Iranian bases & Shiite militias bases affiliated to Iran were targeted in several areas, which were only confirmed in locations in Al-Kesweh & Demas area in the country side of Damascus

The majority of the targeted location was emptied days before the strikes, with the mentioned info that shows the ability to absorb the strike with less casualties possible.

Returning to the cause, where we found ourselves forced again to put forward number of simple questions:

How & why can the Syrian government forces use chemical weapon on an area that is under their control & not far from their military presence with just few Meters away?

What is the need to use chemical weapons in a battle that already been won & over?

How does one commit a crime, known to be the only suspect & thus, no room for denial or runaway with it?

Bashar Al- Assad is not Harry Truman, need to use an atomic bomb to force Japan to surrender!

Where is logic & reason in this world?

But unfortunately, we live in a world of nonsense, as it is said, to whom you read Psalms, O David?

The United States, which has committed hundreds & hundreds of crimes in many parts of the world & was behind it, alongside the two classic colonial powers, whose lives filled with blood of innocent people worldwide for centuries.

Are the inhabitants of Douma in the event of the alleged chemical attack, are much valuable than 1.5 million Algerians, millions of India, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Latin America so, on & so, on, will not go to Crusades era & the genocide of the Native American.

The attack on Syria was a psychological emotional charge, brought out by Trump who was overwhelmed by problems, behind him the 10 downing street crone & the spoiled child of Elysee.

Anyways, the attack has been dealt with accordingly with the available capabilities of the Syrian government.

For those who are wondering why, Russia didn’t respond, the answer is that Russia air defense systems intercepted the majority of the missiles.

Certainly nobody want 3rd World war for Douma!

On the military aspect, the attack was largely unsuccessful, underscoring the fact that the whole story is only a fabrication & a play.

It was intended as a failed attempt to mix cards & try to slow ending the terrorists’ presence in Syria.

What is important for us is to end the war in Syria & to stop engaging in polemics & plays, which are run in the so-called United Nations Organization, the biggest partner in all human tragedies.

Without a doubt, the attack gave momentum to the continuation of military operations against militant organizations.

The Syrian army began military operations to end the presence of terrorist organizations in the northern Homs countryside.

Military operations in the region have begun & it’s not expected that much will be done until things are settled, as has happened in other areas.

I hope that the Western countries will not return to the same chemical play again, because it has become boring.

At the same time as the military operations in the northern Homs countryside, an operation will start within days to annihilate Daesh in the south of the capital Damascus.

The military buildup has begun to prepare for the military operation in the region & it will be end very fast & smooth in record time due to the small size of the area & the large Syrian military force.

Data indicate that the following military operation after the completion of the operations south of the capital & the northern Homs countryside is to eliminate Daesh pocket in the Syrian desert & then move to the entire province of Daraa & Quneitra.

The message to the United States, Britain & France is: Do not waste your time in tampering.

The inevitable end of this farce in resolving the war & ending terrorism has become an unambiguous reality & you shouldn’t endanger Israel’s security, by poking the eyes of someone who have nothing to lose.

I’m ashamed of people in France, Britain & the United States.

It is shameful to live in a country where they are forced to coexist with the presence of handful of aggressors who are in positions of power & lay on them the fate & future of their people.

I hope & ask for somebody to find a solution with these three captives, because what happened in many countries such as Vietnam, Algeria, India, in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Yemen etc… will not be repeated in Syria.

Be absolutely confident of that fact.

If each theory had an exception, Syria will be the exception to this theory.

Six facts that everyone should be aware of

1. The war in Syria is over
2. Bashar Assad will not fall
3. Those who support terrorism will suffer from it on their soil very soon & will find no one to help
4. Russia is a superpower for all to recognize & cooperate with to solve the crises created by the United States & the two Hyenas, Britain & France
5. Message to the Gulf states, Turkey & Jordan: Think about the future realistically away from illusions
6. Message to Israel: Count your blessings that you have

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