FOCUS: The 8 dilemmas which the west faced in Ukraine


The German Focus magazine, posted an article by Gabor Steingart, discussed that the Western strategy in Ukraine had failed, and that sanctions against Russia had failed and had no effect.

“The West’s strategy in Ukraine isn’t working well, and there are eight disturbing factors related to that”.

“Ukraine is very much like a collapsed country,” Steingart noted.

Among the factors he cited was the front line, because of which the collapsed Ukrainian army couldn’t achieve any success.

Steingart stressed that according to independent experts, the forces of the Kiev regime still lack sufficient military equipment and experience, which does not give them the opportunity to launch any kind of attack.

He added that the economic sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia had no effect and failed, and that the United States is responsible for what is happening in Ukraine.

Moscow has been able to strengthen relations with Beijing, for example, as evidenced by the indicators of trade and good relations between the two countries.

Among the other factors he mentioned that are unpleasant for the West is that despite the amount of money invested in Ukraine in the tens of billions of dollars, success can never be achieved.

In addition, he stated, the international community, having firmly supported the Ukrainian side, has gradually begun to cool down towards it, increasingly expressing its dissatisfaction with the duration of the Ukrainian crisis.

According to Steingart, the much-praised unity between the West and NATO countries exists only in words, because in reality Kiev’s allies supply weapons differently, and some even have differences in NATO.

He believes that the West needs to reconsider its approach to the Ukrainian crisis, otherwise it will fail, despite all the efforts, equipment, weapons and money invested.

US lieutenant colonel, Tony Shaffer, said earlier that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is using the situation around a possible Ukrainian counterattack to involve NATO in the conflict and expand it.

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