Financial Times: Trump is an unstoppable antihero


The Financial Times described the former US president Donald Trump as antihero, which is the status that make him unstoppable.

The recent Trump trial, before a court in the US state of Georgia, on charges of plotting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential elections, and what his opponents hoped would lead to a decline in his popularity.

Although Trump became the first former US president to be photographed by the police, in an experience that some may see as humiliating and humiliating, and despite the filing of four indictments and 91 criminal charges, and his forced tour of courtrooms in the run-up to the upcoming presidential elections, his opponents must now feel some degree of disappointment.

And since Trump’s mugshot photo appeared in the media — which shows him in a bully pose, furrowing his eyebrows and staring stubbornly at the camera — his progress has only increased.

Trump is now more than 50 points ahead of his closest Republican rival, Ron DeSantis, in some polls, and a poll conducted by The Economist magazine and the research company “YouGov” this week showed that he would win the run-off between him and Joe Biden.

In an average of RealClearPolitics polls, the incumbent is still ahead, but by less than a percentage point.

Far from working against him, Trump’s image became instantly iconic, as Elon Musk wrote on X platform, and even Trump himself used Musk’s platform for the first time since he was banned in January 2021 to share the image, along with a link to his website on the Internet where his supporters can make donations.

His campaign said it has made more than $9.4 million since the photo was posted, including $864,000 from the sale of 24,000 coffee mugs imprinted with the image and $1.7 million in T-shirts.

Many are concerned that all of Trump’s legal problems turn him into a “martyr”, but this may not be the case because this means that Trump is being persecuted because of some kind of firm beliefs or principles he has, while he doesn’t have any of them, except for belief in himself.

“Trump is the antihero of America”.

This term is usually associated with fictional characters, or the person who plays the central role in the story despite not possessing any of the virtues associated with the traditional heroic personality.

The hero in the novel may commit or be involved in evil acts, but he isn’t pure evil.

Likewise, Trump may be a liar and fraud, display contempt for democracy, and be convicted of sexual assault, but he’s not devoid of all kinds of redeeming traits, charisma, ability to communicate, tremendous stamina, and the ability to be a very funny person among other things.

There is another strength that plays a major role in Trump’s attractiveness, which is that he isn’t afraid to say things that others won’t say.

Can anyone beat an antihero, and how?

Considering that our real world suffers from a lack of virtues associated with traditional heroism such as courage, humility, honesty, and fortitude, and this unfortunately makes Trump’s status – which is entrenched as an anti-hero – an increasing threat.

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