After several months of Russian army, use of Iranian made drones in Ukraine, with the devastating ability that shows on the fronts, the United States is trying to put pressure on Iran, urging the Islamic Republic to stop selling its drones to Russia.

The Financial Times reported on Wednesday, as part of recent talks between Tehran and Washington, with a sort of “unwritten understanding” between the two countries aiming reduce the tensions.

Iranian official says that the United States is pressuring Tehran to stop selling armed drones to Russia, as Moscow uses them in the war in Ukraine, as well as spare parts for those drones.

Recently, Washington and Tehran try to ease tensions and revive broader talks on Iran’s nuclear program.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday that he would welcome any Iranian steps to de-escalate its “growing nuclear threat”.

The Financial Times said that discussions took place in addition to negotiations on a prisoner exchange agreement last week.

Iran allowed four US citizens in its custody to move from Evin Prison to house arrest, and a fifth US citizen detainee is already under house arrest.

According to the discussion, Iran will retain money detained, as $6 billion Iranian funds in South Korea will be released.

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