Fallout Biden Again: pumped his head on the helicopter door after falling on the stage


US President Joe Biden, during his return to the White House from a ceremony honoring graduates of the Air Force Academy, hit his head on the door of the helicopter as he got out of it.

Biden, who returned to the White House from Colorado on a helicopter, pumped his head as he getting out out.

When he approached the gathering of journalists, who asked him about his condition after he fell on the stage, he confirmed that he “fell because of a sandbag,” and then joked with them and jogged to confirm that he was in good health.

Biden’s exposure to accidents isn’t a new, as he was a victim of several times, either stumbling or falling, or even stuttering or saluting ghosts.

Couple of days ago, Biden stumbled on a set of stairs during a visit to a shrine in Hiroshima, Japan, and in March 2021, he stumbled while climbing the steps of Air Force One, and in June 2022, he also fell off his bike in front of a group of journalists, and in November 2020, shortly after Winning the election against former President Donald Trump, Biden broke his foot while playing with his dog.


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