Article on Russian “Expert RU,” talked about the imminent collapse of the Ukrainian counterattack, and what the Russian army is preparing for.

The article stated stated that on June 20, a meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu spoke clearly, about what happened after the start of the Ukrainian counterattack on June 4, and said that since that date, Ukrainian forces launched 263 attacks on the positions of the Russian army, and none succeeded.

In total, from June 4 to June 21, according to the reports of the Russian Defense Ministry, 861 units of tanks and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 247 artillery pieces and rocket launchers, 241 drones and other equipment were destroyed.

The head of the State Duma Defense Committee, Colonel Andrei Kartapolov, said on a Russian local TV channel that the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will end in about three weeks, after which the Russian forces can move to active operations.

Lieutenant General Viktor Sobolev, a deputy in the State Duma, agreed that the Ukrainian offensive impulse wouldn’t last more than a few weeks, and in an interview with “Expert RU” he indicated that the Russian armed forces wouldn’t rush to move to active measures.

According to him, Kiev and NATO dream of the Russian forces going on the offensive now.

However, the Russian army, for the time being, will continue to be systematically prepared for a crushing blow, and for some time Russia will remain in an effective defense mode, destroying the enemy’s manpower and equipment, and practically not suffering combat losses.

The offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces will end within two or three weeks.

Now, the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in materiel are about 30% or more, and if they don’t calculate the losses in manpower, and make sure of the ability to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to compensate for the hundreds of thousands of dead, then they will calculate and analyze the losses in materiel, according to the standards of military science.

According to these criteria, the attack stops if the loss of materiel exceeds 50%.

In two or three weeks, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will reach these numbers.

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