Erdogan: We won’t allow the West to drag us into a confrontation with Russia


The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday, that he won’t allow the West to drag his country into a war against Russia.

Erdogan told the Turkish ATV channel: “Neither have our efforts over the past two years managed to drag Türkiye into a direct clash with Russia, and since we are here in power, and we won’t allow that”.

The Turkish president added that Ankara intends to play the role of mediator between Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Türkiye offered to mediate a meeting between the leaders of Russia and Ukraine but the date and venue have yet to be discussed.

Turkish diplomatic source in Ankara said that, Türkiye constantly announce the readiness to provide a platform and everything necessary for high-level negotiations between the leaders of Russia and Ukraine.

This is constantly confirmed by the Turkish president during his negotiations with the two leaders, however, there is no talk about specific dates and places yet and there is no such information at the moment.

The Turkish president said, that his country will continue make diplomatic efforts for a cease-fire in Ukraine in order to avoid further losses and destruction.

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