Erdogan: If Israel pay a heavy price if dares to assassinate Hamas leaders in Türkiye


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan renewed his assertion that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t be able to evade what he is doing in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, and that he will be tried for his crimes there sooner or later.

This came in statements he made to reporters on board the Turkish presidential plane during his return Tuesday evening, from Qatar, to which he made an official visit.

Erdogan said in this regard, “Netanyahu won’t be able to escape paying the price for what he did, and he will be tried and pay the price for the war crimes he committed sooner or later”.

He explained, “These lands (Gaza) belong to the Palestinians, and the Palestinian people are the ones who decide what will happen and who will rule them”.

Regarding the allegations of Israel’s intention to establish a buffer zone in Gaza, Erdogan said, “I consider discussing this matter a lack of respect for my Palestinian brothers, as it’s a plan that isn’t up for discussion”.

Erdogan touched on Israel’s plans to assassinate members of Hamas outside Palestine, saying, “If Israel dares to take a step like this in Türkiye, it will pay a heavy price for that and won’t be able to be upright again”.

In this regard, he added, “There is no one in the world who doesn’t know how far Türkiye has come in the fields of intelligence and security, and no one should forget that”.

Criticizing Western support for Israel, the Turkish president said, “If it weren’t for the support of all Western countries for Israel, especially the United States, we wouldn’t be facing such a scene in our region now”.

He pointed out that Netanyahu is currently in a situation where he faces bankruptcy, and the bankruptcy flag may be raised at any moment.

Regarding a peace conference between Israel and Palestine, he said, “We in Türkiye are ready to assume the role of guarantor and also host the conference, provided that there is a real will for peace”.

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