Enhancing cooperation between Iran and Qatar’s ports

The Director General of the Organization of Ports and Navigation of Iran announced the intention of his country and Qatar to strengthen cooperation between the ports of the two countries.

“The Iranian and Qatari ports officials have close ties”, said Mohammad Rasta, who visited the facilities of the Nakin Bushehr coastal complex in an interview with the Iranian news agency IRNA.

“During the visits between officials of the two countries over the past months, cooperation between the ports of both sides”.

Rasta, who is also assistant minister of roads and city building, added that Bushehr province has a lot of potential to export goods to Qatar ports and “we hope to take advantage of the possibilities for export and transit of goods to Qatar”.

Qatar and Iran strengthened ties after the Gulf crisis broke out in June when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut ties with Doha.

The three Gulf states imposed a blockade on Qatar for their support of terrorism, which Doha has vehemently denied.

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