Elections in Estonia: Remains West or turn Right?


Estonian voters are going to the polls to cast their votes on Sunday as the Former Soviet Union Baltic Republic, and one of Europe’s most pro-Kiev governments faces a challenge from a far-right party seeking to capitalize on anger over the rising cost of living.

According to recent opinion polls, if the Liberal Reform Party of Prime Minister Kaja Kallas wins the elections and succeeds in forming a coalition, this will strengthen the pro-European trend in Estonia.

Estonia will also remain on track to embrace more on green energy and continue to accept refugees from Ukraine.

Polling stations close at 20:00 local time (18:00 GMT) and most constituencies are expected to announce their results by midnight.

According to opinion polls, the Conservative far-right Ekre party with its leader Martin Helme, will rank second after its promises to cut energy bills by opposing the transition to green energy and its pledge not to accept more Ukrainian refugees have proven popular in some regions of Estonia as well.

The Estonian Liberal Reform Party had won the 2019 elections but was pushed out of power after three smaller parties who managed to form the government.

However, this alliance collapsed in 2021, allowing the Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas to form an alliance and remain in power.

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