Eight Syrian soldiers killed in an Israeli air attack in southern Syria


Eight Syrian soldiers were killed, and 7 others were injured in an Israeli attack carried out on Wednesday.

The Israeli attack was carried out from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and targeted military sites belonging to the Syrian army in Dara’a Governorate, southwestern Syria.

According to the Syrian news agency, SANA, the Israeli aggression was carried out in the dawn hours, around 1:45 AM local time, when the Israeli air attack coming from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting a number of Syrian forces’ points in the Dara’a countryside.

Material losses were reported as a result of this attack, as the Syrian Ministry of Defense announced through an official statement that 8 soldiers were killed and 7 others were injured as a result of the Israeli attack that targeted military areas in the Dara’a countryside.

Regarding the response from the Israeli forces, they announced earlier that they had struck military infrastructure and mortar artillery equipment belonging to the Syrian army.

This targeting came as a response to the launching of rockets from Syrian territory towards Israel earlier.

Information from a security source in Syria indicates that Israel carried out a military operation targeting areas in the central and western countryside of Dara’a.

These areas are located close to the border with the occupied Syrian Golan in southwestern Syria.

A few days ago, the Syrian government alerted to the escalation of Israeli attacks on its territory and indicated that such actions may increase the escalation of violence in the region in a way that is difficult to control.

The Syrian government has warned against the recurrence of such attacks, and indicated that they may further escalate violence in the region in a way that will be difficult to control.

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