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It’s no secret that the United States were built based on free masonic foundations, with the adoption of British and European political systems in general, which are based on the majority ethnicity of the Americans and the fact of two major political parties presence competing for all positions in political life, same as most countries in Europe.

The United States, the artificial country on the ruins and remains of the indigenous people, which includes people of all origins, races and religions, so that the family tree for most Americans has become more like the United Nations Organization!

We are not giving the United States history and its founding lecture, but a tiny introduction was necessary, because the foundation reveals the shape of the entire building.

The American people, we suppose at 1797 elected the man of the US independence, George Washington, to become the first president.

He did not associated with any political party, except he was the hero of the American independence from Great Britain, and of course, at that very moment there was no American political life.

Another man of the American independence, Thomas Jefferson, elected as the 2nd president, succeeding George Washington.

After that, the journey of the Siamese-Republican-Democrat twin, who gave the United States four presidents in a row, their chain interrupted then by electing the “Whigs”, from William Henry Harrison and John Taylor.

Then the blue guys brought James Polk, to become the first Democratic president, after the separation of the Siamese twins, called a Republicans-Democrats, for each becoming independent political party by its own.

The “Whigs” returned to the presidency with two successive presidents, Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore, and by 1853, the game of chairs began between the Republicans and the Democrats, as they introduced one president after another randomly based on the election results every four years.

Some served only one term, others managed to make it 2, except Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd  president who came by the great depression time in 1933, and continue to lead, especially during the entire period of the second World War, until he died in April 1945.

Since 1853, it has become a rule to reach the White House, either a Democrat or a Republican, as there are no other parties that have the strength, ability, nor the capabilities sufficient to enter as a competitor against these two parties, and bring another color to the map.

Some might say, sometimes may witness a green color, as independent candidate, I say… please get real!

The country has become divided between red and blue, between donkeys and elephants, who control the Senate, Congress, the presidency, state governors, members of states congress, and most of the mayors of town and County sheriffs, except that we rarely find a very limited number of independents, whom one of them may be in heedless of fate managed to reach the position of governor of a state or deputy within a state or Federal in Washington.

Even though, independents candidates won’t survive in post for long.

Britain, which divided mostly between the conservatives “Tories” and the Labors, matched by the United States, which divided only between two major parties, Republicans and Democrats.

Every four years, without forgetting the midterm elections for few Congress and the Senate seats, we find the map of the United States divided between only two colors (red and blue) as if there are no other colors… Especially recently, after the rainbow colors has become so important and primary in the American society!

What are the actual differences between these two colors?

Just as the difference between an elephant and a donkey!

Undoubtedly, both of them have unique characteristics and traits, but in reality they are two sides of the same coin, playing a role-playing game, a game of tug-of-war on the American people, so you see the Republican pulling at one time and the Democrats pulling at another.

In short, it is just relax & tighten the rope game.

Some else who really controls the show, not the politicians.

For example, an elephant Donald Trump, on the other hand, Donkey POTUS Joe Biden.

The resemblance is staggering!

We don’t mean to insult, but these are the ones who chose these animals to be a symbol of their two parties, the two parties that have ruled the American people for more than 170 years.

It was possible, for example, to choose the fox, peacock, dinosaur maybe… or a wild Horse, a bull and a cow, preserving the legacy of the cowboy and the rodeo traditions!

Getting back to the main question with which we titled the article… Do the American people dream of the independence day from elephants and donkeys?

Whoever rules the American people, either a man or a woman from the two parties that control legislation, enact laws, impose taxes and manipulate the fate of people according to their own interests, and the interests of big corporation and lobbies that brought them, putting them in the seats and posts in the first place, so the be recruited to achieve the goals of these big corporation and lobbies, and protecting their interests.

The real wellbeing of the Americans comes second, perhaps third and fourth.

Is it possible for the United States to be run by other than elephant or donkey, who could treat the American people as human beings?

In the sense that he/she treats people decently, without manipulate their destinies, and send their children to wars that don’t mean anything to them.

The American people realize that their politicians are nothing but businessmen, puppets, manipulators, and corrupt people who hide behind images of democracy that is operated by money.

It is natural for a person to obtain a job without being threatened with expulsion or losing it for any reason.

It is natural for the sons and daughters of Americans to obtain a decent education and get a chance to attend a decent university in order to secure better future for them, without worries of loans that they will continue to pay until their hair turns grey.

Or if they are fortunate enough to do something that brings them a lot of money, or if they are talented in sports or arts, for example, perhaps they will get a scholarship to a respected universities or get into show business, which is the cover of the thing we call “American Dream”.

It is shameful for the American citizen to talk about freedom when they chained in debt from head to toes.

It is shameful that these elephants and donkeys claim that they will send the sons and daughters of the American people to achieve security in other countries, at a time when crime and insecurity prevail in most neighborhoods of American cities and suburbs, which not even the police and the FBI agents have the guts to enter and leave alive.

And as a result of the state of insecurity that fills the American society, and as a result of the accumulations of history in this land, since the entry of Europeans into the American content in the post 16th century.

The extermination of the indigenous population (Native Americans), and the exit of the enormous wealth in this land that prompted people of all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds to emigrate and form a heterogeneous society.

The American society that is different in everything, with Americans constantly trying to convince themselves that America is a good and health society thanks to its diversity.

In fact, this diversity, although it has advantages, of course, remains part of the dispute.

Even racial discrimination embodied in slavery, which was the main cause of the American Civil War, and then the continuation of racism towards black skinned people, at a time when the motto of this country was democracy and human rights!

The US Constitution legislated, through its second amendment, the freedom to own weapons for self-defense in principle, and in fact, it is a big evidence of the absence and guarantee of safety in American society, and the inability of any authority that governs this vast country to ensure a measure of safety in society in general, like other countries in the world.

This “American blessing”, represented by the “second amendment”, the freedom of Americans to possess weapons, turned the country into a bloc of armory full of war arsenals.

It was also a pillar of American policy in the world, represented by imposing its will by force in the first place.

The number of US military bases around the world is more than a thousand, annually consuming billions of dollars from the pocket of the American people, under the pretext of “protecting American interests”, and yet someone comes to say why the US debt exceeds 32 trillion?

If the freedom to possession arms has advantage, then the sword of freedom of arms possession is a double-edged sword.

At a time when weapons must be in every American household for the purpose of self-defense and kind a sport if you well, or it has become a tradition which no problem with that all.

The fact is, it gave prove that the US society where the state cannot impose order and security on people, so the law granted them to be armed to confront crime and chaos by themselves.

It’s hardly a month goes by, without hear of a mass shooting, in which dozens of victims are killed, not to mention the high crime rates, and of course, as the American joke says, “The police and the FBI always arrive late and until 911 answers, everything is over”.

In the United States of America, the land of the free… There are more than hundreds armed groups, organized and heavily armed, capable at any time of turning America into large battle ground.

These armed militias are ethnically and ideologically diverse, full of people who hate society, hate the federal government… Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, religious extremists of all kinds, ex-soldiers and Veterans most of whom certainly still suffer from psychological problems suffered during America’s many wars, and many other types of people those whose affiliations, intentions and goals are only known to God.

The irony is that, if the world is still talking about Wagner in Russia, as it been a hot topic in the media lately… let me tell you all, in the land of Uncle Sam there are more than 300 Wagner, some are such as the infamous “Blackwater” taking the form of security company, on the other hand, others are outside the control of the state.

Life is not easy in the United States, as the American politicians who talks about freedom, justice and human rights, and keep on the American game of dominance on the others in the world, while there are more than half a million homeless “Born Free” American citizens, living in the streets and in tents in gardens, one of them it’s just few blocks from the White House.

Yes… all of that and much more because of the donkeys and the elephants who are in charge.

The simple ordinary American citizen sits every night in his home or in his trailer, eating hotdog and drinking beer, watching the American media, brainwashing tool.

Sports and Hollywood, the outlet for the people surrounded by anxiety about the details of life in all its aspects.

In the past decade, social media added to the tools, as all social media platforms actually American.

In total, social media, sports, arts and comedy succeed in influencing people and playing the role of Venting anger or perhaps a Morphine injection for a terminally ill cancer patient who just wants to ease his pain until the time comes for his demise.

Even funeral, ceremony costs, purchase of caskets have become costly and burdening Americans, so many are sending their dead loved ones to the crematorium, to burn their body, to put the ashes in urns, for later perhaps scatter the ashes over the head of the Statue of Liberty in New York if they desired to.

All of this might be just venting anger no more, but this does not preclude saying that the United States needs a real change, getting rid of this endless situation that has been going on for more than 170 years.

That of course only if the Americans want to do so.

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