Diplomatic sources: The Syrian president to visit China soon


Diplomatic sources say that Syrian president will visit the Chinese capital, Beijing, soon at the head of a high-level delegation.

Diplomatic sources confirm that a Syrian delegation with a high level of responsibility is likely to visit China to hold important meetings with Chinese officials with the aim of discussing strengthening bilateral relations and the role that China plays in supporting Syria to overcome its economic crisis.

According to sources, the visit will hold a very important aspects, as Syrian president will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in an official ceremony.

This visit generally reflects the strategic development in relations between Syria and China, and strengthens China’s role in the region, after Beijing’s prominent role in achieving reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran earlier this year, which began a path of transformation in China’s foreign policy.

The visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Damascus in July 2021 and his meeting with President Assad showed that China is moving towards gradually abandoning taking into account the positions of Western countries regarding its official relationship with Syria.

This is considered an indication that Damascus has entered a new political phase after a decade of war.

The visit also reflects Chinese support for Syrian President legitimacy on the international stage, despite US attempts to obstruct the path of Syrian Arab reconciliation and deprive Syria of exploiting political progress by regaining full control over its territory, stopping the economic collapse and social bleeding, and obstructing any efforts to rebuild the country.

The visit also indicates China’s desire to strengthen its presence and influence in the Middle East, and to send messages to the US administration that it’s still ignoring the Western pressures to which this issue was subject in previous years, despite its strong positions in the Security Council regarding the Syrian crisis.

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