Denmark announced additional military assistance to Ukraine


Denmark announced on Tuesday that it would provide Ukraine with additional military assistance worth 5.8 billion kroner ($833 million), which includes, in particular, tanks, missiles, and surface-to-air anti-aircraft weapons.

Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said in a statement, “For Ukraine to be able to continue to defend itself against Russia’s illegal invasion, it’s essential that countries like Denmark maintain their military and economic support”.

Before this announcement, the total aid that Denmark pledged to provide to Ukraine amounted to 13.6 billion kroner.

The minister confirmed that this is the largest Danish financial contribution to date.

Denmark will provide this assistance to Ukraine over a period of three years.

This is the 12th aid that the Scandinavian country has provided to Ukraine since Russia began invading its neighbor a year and a half ago.

The new assistance includes tanks, vehicles, tank missiles and surface-to-air anti-aircraft guns.

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