Controversial… The Ukrainian President a guest of the Arab summit… Is it Assad for Zelensky deal?


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A great surprise took place at the Arab summit that was held in Saudi Arabia, with the arrival of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and made a speech at the Summit.

The Arab Summit that took place in Jaddah, Saudi Arabic on Friday witnessed the presence of the Ukrainian President Zelensky at the invitation of Saudi Arabia and his opening speech was against Russia.

Zelensky who seems to be insists to be at any international event, by a US support obviously to give him time and time again to talk about the War in Ukraine.

Zelensky didn’t leave a parliament in the world or an international organization without imposing his problem with Russia on it and making it hear from him what he wanted to say.

Some Arab political experts said, what is that Zelensky expecting from the Arab summit to help him with?

Does he expecting to get support from the Arab Rich countries or perhaps he wants more weapons, or humanitarian aid perhaps?

For sure, he’s not looking for the Arab world to put pressure on Russia to achieve the peace!

Many Arabs still remember Zelensky’s position towards the Palestinian struggling against the consistent Israeli aggressions, which he always announced his support and “Understanding” for Israel position.

Ukraine was always taking Israel’s side, especially by not condemning any Israeli aggression, besides standing against any UN and international resolution that condemn Israel with its aggression and violating their human rights of the Palestinian people who are living under occupation.

The Arab Summit itself and for many years has no value nor influence in discussing Arab issues.

Arab critical issues always left behind without any solutions, if it’s not completely abandoned.

The Arab summit in Jaddah is no exception as well.

There’s no secret of Arab divisions and weak stands at the expense of the Palestinian cause, the crises of Syria, Libya, Yemen, the ongoing civil war in Sudan, and the Arab-Iranian and Turkish relations.

Some says that brining back Syria to the Summit, and the warm welcome which the Syrian president received at the Summit, was at some point accepted by the United States on the expense of inviting the Ukrainian president to deliver a speech against Russia at the summit.

Zelensky’s speech before the Arab summit, pointed out that he frankly and brazenly blamed some Arabs, saying, “There are those among you who turn a blind eye to Russia’s aggression and occupation of Ukrainian lands, and it’s time for him to reconsider this, regardless of the Russian pressure”.

Zelensky was talking about the Syrian president.

Zelensky has advanced positions when he talked about the “double standards” however, the double standards was always the way of dealing with Arab-Israeli struggle.

Zelensky who stood along his country always to the Israeli sides has absolutely no right to complain about the claimed double standards when dealing on the issues between the Ukrainians and the Russians.

In conclusion and for not giving values and time to the Ukrainian president, which he doesn’t deserve for sure, we can go directly to the point.

Saudi Arabia is flattering Washington by inviting the Ukrainian president, and this gesture was indeed a continuous to the Arab traditions by bowing down to the US demands, with no real gains on exchange.

The former Egyptian ambassador to Qatar, Mohamed Morsi commented on Zelensky’s attending the Arab summit, saying using the Arab phrase that says, “You didn’t come welcome, and God didn’t brought you on good and easy”.

This might be the best respond to the Ukrainian president.

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