Continuing the US suspicious relation with Daesh

In a continuation of observing the mystery behind the US/Daesh relations, a number of eyewitnesses have testified that on 26 February 2018, two «Anti-Daesh» Coalition’s helicopters landed at Twaimin, in the South-East of Al Shadadi, east of Syria.

They took on board some of Daesh officials that were supposed to fight and transported them to the US established base of Sabah Al Kheir, 20 kilometres from Hassaka northern east of Syria.

Monday morning 19 March: three helicopters belonging to the US led Coalition landed, in a location situated between the villages of Jissi and Calo, in the South East suburb of the city of Qamishli.

They evacuated four Daesh officials of Iraqi origin and set off again, to unknown destination.

This is not the first time, that US troops did an operations to evacuate Daesh members/officials and to them away, with the existence on a base established by US backed SDF (Syrian Democratic forces to what they describe it as Rehabilitate Daesh fighters and join them to fight in the ranks of the Syrian democratic forces with US direct support.

There is no secrets, that there are many evidence proved the role which the United States played directed to establish and use Daesh to serve US plans to create To create an atmosphere of chaos in the region, as evidenced leaked from the former Secretary of State and former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, which revealed the role of the United States in formation of the so-called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

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