CNN: General Armageddon was a covert commander at Wagner


CNN said that it obtained exclusive documents indicating that the Russian General Sergey Surovikin was a secret member and a senior figure in the Wagner group.

According to what CNN reported, the documents showed that the deputy commander of Russian military operations in Ukraine, Sorovikin, has a personal registration number with Wagner, adding that Sorovikin listed, along with at least 30 senior Russian military and intelligence officials, as important members of the Wagner.

Mystery still surrounds the fate of Surovikin, nicknamed “Armageddon”, at a time when the Kremlin refused to answer questions about his fate.

The Russian general’s status or whereabouts haven’t been made public since a military mutiny by Russia’s private military group, Wagner, was thwarted.

Sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the arrest of the deputy commander of the joint group of Russian forces in Ukraine, General Sergei Surovikin, on charges of high treason for his involvement with the Wagner Group, according to the Russian Moscow Times newspaper, but his assistant denied these reports.

The New York Times revealed, in a report published on Tuesday, that Surovikin had prior knowledge of Wagner’s commander, Yevgeny Prigozhin,’s plans for the rebellion.

The New York Times quoted three US officials as saying that the Russian general was sympathetic to the Wagner rebellion, but it is not clear if he participated in supporting it in any way.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov referred questions about Surovikin to the Defense Ministry, which has not yet issued a statement on it.

When asked by reporters if the Kremlin could clarify Surovikin’s situation, Peskov said, “No, unfortunately not”.

Peskov added, “Therefore, I recommend that you contact the Ministry of Defense, as this is its competence”.

The Russian Lieutenant General Andrei Yudin, assistant to General Sergey Surovikin, denied all the news related to their arrest in Lefortovo prison, east of the capital, Moscow, adding that he is now spending his annual leave at his home in Moscow, according to an interview he had with the Russian Ura agency and reported by many local media.

The Russian military correspondent Vladimir Romanov had published on his Telegram channel, news talking about the arrest of Surovikin on the twenty-fifth of this month during the rebellion carried out by the Wagner Group, followed by information about the arrest of Yudin as well.

US officials, who were briefed on the intelligence information about the issue of the military rebellion in Russia, suggested that General Surovikin, the former supreme Russian commander for operations in Ukraine, had prior knowledge of Prigozhin’s plans to rebel against the military leadership, which raised questions about the support enjoyed by the leader of those mercenaries. among the ranks of the higher ranks.

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