Casualties in a terrorist attack at a shopping center near Moscow


Russian authorities announced a terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall shopping and entertainment center on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday evening, killing and wounding dozens, including children.

The Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that the death toll had risen to 93 people, with more possible victims and injured.

According to witnesses, masked attackers stormed the center and opened fire on the attendees and threw Molotov cocktails, using Kalashnikov weapons and carrying large quantities of ammunition.

Many of the wounded were transferred to hospitals, where the Russian Minister of Health confirmed the arrival of 115 people, including 5 children, with serious conditions.

The survivors were also evacuated and the fire that broke out in the center was extinguished, and efforts to remove the rubble are still continuing.

Security measures were tightened in Moscow, its suburbs and in other areas of the country after the attack.

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