Calling NATO for help… Ukrainian ammunition is running out


Almost a year after the Ukrainian war, Ukraine is still calling Western Countries for help in order to defeat Russia.

The Ukrainians are constantly requesting ammunition and weapons from the West, but this support may quickly reach its limits, and this is what appears to have happened and was deduced by Washington’s announcement, allocating one billion of US dollars to increase the production of artillery shells for the Ukrainian war.

The United States revealed plans to boost its production of artillery shells, especially those currently used by Ukrainian forces in confronting Russian forces.

The US military said: The two companies will compete to win the contract, which has a value of $993.7 million, to produce between 12 to 20 thousand additional missiles per month.

It’s not considered the first contract of its kind devoted to the Ukrainian war, as Washington had previously awarded a $522 million contract to two companies to produce the same munitions, in a deal funded by the Security Assistance Initiative for Ukraine of the Pentagon.

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg warned of the danger of running out of ammunition and spare parts for weapons in Kiev and the West in the Ukrainian war, at a time when he said that Moscow was preparing for other rounds of war.

Stoltenberg called on NATO member states to provide Kiev with the weapons it needs to win this war, considering that there are no indications that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for peace.

Stoltenberg said, “What we see is that Putin is preparing for attacks and new rounds of war”.

He added, “This war has become a grinding war of attrition, and therefore it’s also a logistical battle… The allies have a big task in front of them to be able to provide ammunition, fuel and the necessary spare parts”.

He pointed out that “the war in Ukraine consumes huge amounts of ammunition and depletes the stocks of NATO members”.

Stoltenberg explained that “the current rate of consumption of ammunition in Ukraine is much higher than our current production rate”.

All these warnings came in conjunction with a German pledge, made at the time by Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, to increase the production of ammunition for the Gibbard anti-aircraft guns, which Berlin had previously delivered to Ukraine.

According to expert readings, Ukraine is facing the danger of running out of its ammunition, including 155 mm artillery shells, in a result that is considered self-evident for a country that fires its forces at a rate of 5,000 shells per day.

In addition, the increase in the waiting time for ammunition orders from one year to 28 months has exacerbated pressure in Kiev, especially in light of the difficulties arms companies face in keeping up with demand, which means that the only solution currently lies in what allies can provide.

But even the support of the allies may reach its limits, with the alarm bell rising from the pressure that support for Kiev poses on the armies of NATO member states, and this is what sparked anger and resentment.

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