By numbers: European countries defense spending


A statistics made by Global Firepower website for the year 2023 indicate the defense spending of the European countries.

In numbers, Germany has the largest defense budget in the European Union estimated at $52 billion.

France ranks second with approximately $46 billion.

Italy ranked 3rd with $37 billion, followed by Poland with $20.6 billion, and the Holland ranked 5th with $15.7 billion.

Spain ranks 6th with $15.1 billion, followed by Norway with $7.2 billion in 7th place.

Greece ranks 8 with $6.6 billion, followed by Sweden with $6.3 billion.

Ranked 10 comes Finland with $6.3 billion, then Belgium with $5.5 billion, then Romania with $5.1 billion.

Portugal ranks 13th with $4.9 billion, followed by Hungary with $4.5 billion and Denmark with $4.2 billion.

In the 16th place comes Austria with $3.4 billion, followed by the Czech Republic with $3.2 billion, then Slovakia with about $2 billion.

Ireland ranks 19th with $1.2 billion, followed by Lithuania and Bulgaria with $1.1 billion each.

In 22nd place comes Croatia with a defense budget estimated at $1 billion.

Latvia ranks 23rd with $927 million, followed by Estonia with $713 million, then Luxembourg with $600 million.

In the 26th place comes Slovenia with $581 million, followed by Malta in the 27th and last place with $85 million.

The Statistics on the defense budgets of the 27 European Union countries in 2023 revealed that the total defense spending of the 27 countries estimated at $253 billion, with only 6 countries spend more than $186 billion of total military spending in the European Union, and they are Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Holland and Spain.

The 6 countries whose defense spending ranges between $5.1 billion and $7.2 billion, with a total spending of $37 billion, namely Norway, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Romania and Portugal.

And 10 countries whose defense spending ranges between $1 billion and $5 billion, with a total spending of $26.6 billion, most notably Hungary, Portugal, Lithuania, Croatia and Bulgaria, and 5 countries whose defense spending is less than $1 billion and their total combined spending is about $3 billion, including Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Malta.

Statistics from the Stockholm Peace Research Institute indicate that the total defense spending of western and central European countries exceeded $345 billion in 2022, marking an estimated 30% increase over their defense spending in 2013.

The statistics by the Stockholm Peace Research Institute, reported by the World Bank, indicate that the total military spending of the European Union countries in 2021 estimated at $257 billion.

France: $56.6 billion

Finland: $5.9 billion

Ireland: $1.2 billion

Germany: $56 billion

Romania: $5.5 billion

Lithuania: $1.2 billion

Italy: $32 billion

Denmark: $5.3 billion

Bulgaria: $1.2 billion

Spain: $19.5 billion

Portugal: $4.9 billion

Latvia: $856 million

Holland: $13.7 billion

Czech Republic: $3.9 billion

Estonia: $764 million

Poland: $13.7 billion

Austria: $3.8 billion

Slovenia: $734 million

Greece: $8 billion

Hungary: $2.7 billion

Cyprus: $517 million

Sweden: $7.8 billion

Slovakia: $1.9 billion

Luxembourg: $460 million

Belgium: $6.3 billion

Croatia: $1.7 billion

Malta: $84 million




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