British government is on the verge of collapse

According to the British Independent news paper, the British government is on the brink of collapse after 60 Conservative MPs warned Prime Minister Theresa May of the risk of a trade partnership with EU after the United Kingdom exit from the European Union.

The subject of the newspaper was of great importance, which was posted on its website.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned that her government will collapse if it doesn’t reject the customs union agreement with the European Union after the parties’ part ways.

The newspaper adds that 60 parliamentary deputies of the Conservative Party known as the strong opposition to the European Union addressed a 30-page letter to May said they would not accept the agreement and fully oppose these plans.

The newspaper said the letter included a warning that the British government could collapse if May agreed to the agreement because it would mean that the government was unable to achieve total separation from the EU and would therefore lose the support of the secession supporters.

The newspaper quotes its own sources as assertions that the May government will lose the support of House of Commons deputies and thus the government will be unable to pass any law in so-called parliamentary paralysis, which will put the political future of Mai at risk.

The newspaper stresses that the risk of political rebellion against the May government increased after David Davies, member of the House of Commons and the Minister of Separation from the European Union, wrote to the Prime Minister expressing his opposition to the EU’s customs partnership project.

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