Britain urges Germany to send long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine


The United Kingdom government, in particular, urged Germany to provide long-range Taurus missiles to the government in Kiev, while London expressed its anger over the statements of the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, regarding British activity in Ukraine.

Senior British ministers and officials repeatedly explained to Germany that Ukraine desperately needs Taurus missiles, according to informed sources, according to Bloomberg News Agency on Friday.

The UK offered solutions to Berlin’s opposition to send it, including a swap agreement that would see Britain supply Kiev with more of its Storm Shadow missiles, and then Germany would re-supply the UK with long-range replacement missiles.

A British official, who requested anonymity due to the confidentiality of the talks between the two countries, said that Germany should stop offering apologies.

Scholz had reiterated his clear refusal to supply Taurus missiles directed to Ukraine at the present time, justifying this by avoiding the risk of Germany’s involvement in the war.

The German Chancellor decided early last October not to supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine for fear that these missiles, which have a range of 500 kilometers, would hit Russian territory.

It’s noteworthy that Germany is the second largest supporter of Kiev militarily and economically after the United States, in its response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which entered its third-year last month.

The value of the weapons that Germany has already supplied to Ukraine or pledged to supply has reached 28 billion Euros.

Earlier, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz assured that Germany won’t send forces to Ukraine.

Scholz promised the German army and the German people that his refusal to deploy ground forces in Ukraine is a firm red line.

“Frankly, as German Chancellor, I won’t send any soldiers from the German army to Ukraine… Our soldiers can count on that, and you can count on that,” he said in a video message last Wednesday.

Scholz added that NATO wouldn’t become a party in the war, adding, “It will remain that way”.

He said that Germany is in agreement with its allies, and continued, “We don’t want Russia’s war against Ukraine to become a war between Russia and NATO”.

The French President Emmanuel Macron said last week, that he didn’t rule out deploying ground forces after a meeting that included about 20 state leaders in Paris; The statements which the German Chancellor immediately rejected.

Scholz said that it was also agreed for the future, that there will be no ground forces or soldiers on Ukrainian territory sent by European countries or NATO countries.

At the beginning of the War on February 2022, Scholz stepped up

Meanwhile, Germany comes after the United States as the most important arms supplier for Ukraine.

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