Britain intends to conduct reconnaissance flights over the Gaza Strip to provide information to Israel to support the prisoner rescue operation


Britain announced that it intends to conduct reconnaissance flights over the Gaza Strip with the aim of providing intelligence information to Israel under the pretext of supporting the prisoner rescue operation.

The British Defense secretary said, “London has been working with its partners in the region since October 7, 2023 to ensure the release of prisoners, including British citizens”.

The British Defense secretary indicated in a statement on Saturday that the safety of its citizens is considered Britain’s top priority.

According to the statement, “The British Defense will conduct reconnaissance flights over the eastern Mediterranean, including work in the airspace over Israel and Gaza, to support ongoing prisoner rescue activities”.

“The reconnaissance aircraft will be unarmed, won’t have any combat role, and will only undertake the task of locating the hostages… Only information related to the rescue of the hostages will be sent to the competent authorities responsible for this,” the statement added.

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