Bloomberg: Russian, Turkish and UAE agreed to recognize the legitimacy of the Syrian President


Bloomberg reported that it had learned of a deal between Russia, Türkiye and the UAE on settling the situation in Syria and recognizing the legitimacy of its current president.

According to Bloomberg, these countries agreed to recognize the legitimacy of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and restore his dignity.

Bloomberg stresses that the Turkish authorities, who supported Assad’s opponents in 2011, have expressed their willingness to recognize the Syrian president as the legitimate head of state, and to establish diplomatic and commercial relations with Syria.

On the other hand, the Turkish side calls on the Damascus authorities to prevent the US-backed Kurdish forces from establishing an autonomous region in the north of the country on the border with Türkiye.

For its part, the UAE hopes in this way to reduce Iran’s influence in Syria.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the Russian orientalist Elena Suponina indicated that Ankara’s new partnership with Damascus will strengthen the Kremlin’s role in the Middle East and put pressure on Washington.

“The United States must understand that its presence there is unnecessary and unjustified,” she said.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan acknowledged the possibility of meeting his Syrian counterpart “in order to ensure peace in Syria”.

The Turkish president said that his meeting with Assad may take place after the dialogue between the foreign ministers of Türkiye, Russia and Syria, which will follow the negotiations of the defense ministers of the three countries that were held in Moscow in late December.

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