Bild: Trump’s plan to end the war Ukraine


According to German Bild newspaper, former US President Donald Trump, who intends to run for president, hasn’t yet revealed his plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, but there are ideas circulating in US conservative circles that indicate its possible form.

Trump has previously indicated that if re-elected, he would work to stop the conflict in Ukraine within 24 hours, but didn’t reveal details.

In this context, points formulated by Elon Musk are circulating in conservative circles, stressing that Russia continues to retain Crimea and other regions, with reservations about Kiev joining NATO.

Although the West rejects these proposals as “Kremlin propaganda,” there are fears that Trump will withdraw from NATO and abandon the protection of Europe, which worries the President of Ukraine and his allies in NATO.

Trump’s silence regarding whether one side won the conflict remains troubling and raises questions about the future of international relations.

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