Biden’s popularity is declining as Trump’s eyes is on the 2024 elections


Recent opinion polls in the United States revealed a significant decline in the popularity of US President Joe Biden, compared to a remarkable rise of former President Donald Trump in the upcoming elections scheduled for next year 2024.

An opinion poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal showed that US President Joe Biden faces political challenges in light of the large involvement of voters in expressing dissatisfaction with his performance and policies, while voters indicate that former US President Donald Trump is the most likely to have the chance in the presidential elections scheduled for 2024.

In the details, Biden’s popularity fell behind Trump by 4 points, as the support rate for Biden reached 43% compared to 47% for Trump, and although many supporters of democracy continue to support Biden, and 53% of voters express their negative influence from his policies, others, they see Trump’s policies as having helped them personally.

The numbers also show continued dissatisfaction with Biden’s performance, with 37% approving of his job performance, while 61% consider his public image unfavorable.

In the context of the economy, 30% are optimistic about the economy led by Biden, while more than half of voters view it negatively.

This poll is considered an important update for the US political arena, as about half of voters express their willingness to support Trump as a potential candidate in 2024.

In this context, there is concern about Biden’s stamina, especially as he approaches 81 years of age, and the mounting challenges facing Democrats in securing the support of their electoral base.

Meanwhile, Democrats view Donald Trump (77) as bent on revenge and as a “danger and huge threat to democracy in the United States”.

A former White House official said that Biden announced his bid for re-election in April, after reaching a personal belief that his Vice-president, Kamala Harris, and any other Democratic candidate couldn’t defeat Trump in the general elections scheduled for next year.

Recent opinion polls showed that the most likely Republican candidate is ahead of Biden in theoretical competitions in key swing states and nationwide.

These results come in light of escalating political tensions, as Trump appears as a potential opponent who will redraw the map of the upcoming elections.

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