Biden: The United States will begin airdropping humanitarian aid into Gaza


US President Joe Biden said on Friday that the United States will begin airdrops of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, a day after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces.

The president announced the move after at least 115 Palestinians were killed and more than 750 others wounded, according to the Gaza Strip’s Health Ministry on Thursday, when witnesses said Israeli forces opened fire while large crowds of Palestinians were jockeying to get food rations from an aid convoy.

Joe Biden explained that airdrops of food aid would begin in the “coming days,” noting that “the loss of life is heartbreaking,” while pledging at the same time that the United States would do more to provide humanitarian aid.

Biden said that the United States is looking for additional ways to facilitate the arrival of aid.

He continued, saying, “In the coming days, we will join our friends in Jordan and others who are providing air drops of food and additional supplies, and we will seek to open other routes, including perhaps a sea corridor”.

Biden said, “The aid flowing to Gaza is far from sufficient and the lives of innocent people and children are at stake”.

He added. “We’ll not stand idly by until we get more aid there… We’ve to get hundreds of trucks in, not just a few trucks”.

Press reports said that the US President made a mistake during his statements when he mentioned Ukraine, when he was referring to the aid that would be directed to Gaza.

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