Benny Gantz threatens to expand military operations against Hezbollah in Lebanon


Member of the Israeli War Cabinet, Benny Gantz, said that “fighting against Hezbollah in Lebanon won’t stop until the residents of northern Israel are able to return to their homes”.

Gantz explained, in his statements, that Israel is moving politically and militarily on the Lebanon front, adding that “Hezbollah has already been removed from the border line”.

He stressed that Israel is also preparing for the day the order is issued that will require it to expand operations against the party in Lebanon.

Last Thursday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the headquarters of the Alpine Unit and the 188th Brigade of the Israeli army, which are stationed on Mount Hermon.

During the visit, Netanyahu received an overview of the operational activities that have been carried out on Israel’s northern border since the start of the war in Gaza, Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

Netanyahu spoke to soldiers and unit commanders about their work and the importance of eliminating the threat posed by Hezbollah’s activities, which led to the displacement of tens of thousands of Israeli residents from their homes.

The Lebanese-Israeli border witnesses almost daily exchanges of bombardment between Israel on the one hand and the Lebanese Hezbollah and armed Palestinian factions in Lebanon on the other hand, since the Hamas attack on October 7, Last year.

Since the war, more than 29,000 Palestinians were killed and more than 69,000 wounded in Gaza.

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