Belarusian President: Attacking Muslims by burning the Qur’an is stupid


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko described the attack on Muslims by burning the Qur’an in Sweden as stupid.

At press conference held in the capital, Minsk, on Thursday, Alexander Lukashenko added, “It’s foolish to attack Muslims… Could the Swedish authorities not have prevented this? Of course they could, but the Swedes consider this attack to be a legitimate right”.

On June 28, Iraqi origin residing in Sweden, Silwan Momica (37 years), tore up a copy of the Qur’an and set it on fire at the Stockholm Central Mosque, after the Swedish authorities granted him permission to do so according to a judicial decision.

This conduct met with a wave of widespread condemnation and condemnation in the world, Arab and Islamic world in particular.

Turning to the violence in France, the Belarusian president said, “I don’t rule out the outbreak of an internal war in Europe, but I don’t want it to happen”.

He added, “Had it not been for the intransigence of the French government, the events would have ended… If you are guilty, you must dialogue with the people”.

France has been witnessing widespread anger and protests for days, punctuated by riots and confrontations with the police, condemning the killing of a young man, Nael, with a bullet in the chest fired by a policeman at close range, under the pretext of not complying with a traffic patrol in the suburb of Nanterre, west of the capital, Paris.

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