Every time any problem broke up in any place in the world the entire universe with not forget mentioning the media of every kind starts to talk & analyze the situation, you can see people everywhere with different nationalities, different languages, different religions or beliefs & different educational or experience background talk & analyze.

Everyone puts the blame on everyone, sometime based on some facts that logically & directly related to the incident that occurred and the others just sending blames & accusations based on the side that they are in or the side that they got paid from.

Well nothing for free for sure!!!

In fact you can see the whole world & see the majority of its problems & conflicts, I can guarantee that all of them are due to only one country.

This country or kingdom is none other than her majesty state, the Great Britain or the United Kingdom.
Last UN security council session that was discussing & voting for the Russian & French draft resolution regarding the situation in Aleppo, Syria which was both been rejected by the Russian veto on French draft resolution & a Triple veto US, French & UK against the Russian draft resolution.

During that session & once the Syrian Ambassador Starts his speech, the US representative & delegates left the session followed by British & French without having any shred of respect to the current security council president that happened to be for this term Russia.

UK is always follow the footsteps of the US, it is known thing, as for France, also it’s not that different than the UK, it’s just has same past with less effective results but as for France it’s another issue & maybe we’ll talk about them some day.

A couple of weeks ago the British Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson made a ((major announcement of breaking through)) by founding ((a weapon to fight Russian)) which is the ((weapon of feel shame)) or a weapon that force Russia to feel shame or do what, I’ don’t really know how this weapon works or what it does.

It’s really hard on anyone who knows the History that not fell on the ground & laugh when he hear that from the British Foreign Minister.

The United Kingdom is the last nation on earth that should talk about who should feel shame or who should be disgraced.

You can turn worldwide & see major conflicts that caused insecurity & blood sheds, all of them caused by the Great Britain.

From colonizing nations & killing, slaving their people & stealing their resources.

Borders conflicts, ethnics & Religious conflicts which the majority of them are still on to this very day.

To this very day, there are still people die because of problems caused by the Great Britain.
From Scottish & Irish issue to India & Pakistan, the Persian gulf conflicts, the border lining issues between all Arab gulf countries,Iran & Iraq conflict, Iran & The Arab gulf Countries issues & they are many from disputed & claiming islands between UAE & Iran to the conflict of calling the gulf Arabian or Persian Gulf, to Iran Ahvaz region, to the Sunni/Shiite conflict.

The Great Britain scholars or should I say spies & agents like T. E. Lawrence that single handedly misguided the entire Arab World & handed them in pieces to the western colonial world.

Gertrude Bell that was responsible of handing the Arabian peninsula to Saud family that funding Islamic extremism & become major supplier of global terrorism.

David Urquhart that caused chaos in the entire Caucasus & Balkan regions & Actually he was the Designer of the Current flag of Russian federation — Republic of Adyghe flag, the flag that is used & considered as a symbol pride & national flag for the entire Circassians worldwide, while poor Circassians to this very day holding it proudly without even knows what is actually means & what was the purpose of making it this way at the first place by that particular design & what is really stands for.

The list goes in infinity but last but sure is not least the Arab/Israeli conflict & the situation of Palestine from Arthur James Balfour promise letter to the very day clash between Palestinians & Jews.

All these mentioned caused by the Great Britain, all theses wars, blood & chaos for the last two centuries been caused & in many times purposely been done.

Mr. Johnson what a feel of shame that you’re really talking about ?!

History does repeat itself back in time in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution that ended the life of the entire Romanoff family & King George V didn’t even bother to help his cousin Nicholas II for not brutally killed with his entire family & the Bank of England steal the gold & jewelries that belongs to Romanoff family which was saved at the bank at that time.

Russia at that time even it was under the Bolsheviks control, did exposed the conspiracy of Sykes Picot Agreement.

Today Russia is doing the same by exposing the western world conspiracies & atrocities that the US & the UK is causing in the world.

It’s really amusing how the caliber of the government figures has turned to be now for the UK.

When you go from people like Winston Churchill, the British Bulldog himself or Margaret Thatcher the Iron Woman.

Just You can look now to the great Britain Theresa May as Prime minister has nothing, no charisma no ability, no clue for many challenges that hits her country especially after BREXIT.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs from many big names & high caliber ministers for Foreign Affairs including Winston Churchill & Margaret Thatcher, Harold Macmillan, John Major even as prime minister too & many others, now we got Boris Johnson!

I’ll not add more because he & his looks & ability is more than enough to let you know how low the standards has become for the people that runs the kingdom that someday used to rule the world.

You can easily see that, we just mentioned names from the conservative party just to be fair in evaluation.

If some day the United Kingdom was the Great Britain «the empire on which the sun never sets»

Today & even before today the sun has set actually, in fact the sun has Eclipsed for good.

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