At the same time, an Israeli raid on the Syrian capital, and an attack by ISIS cells in kills 34 Syrian army soldiers in the north of the Syrian Desert


Three were killed on Wednesday in Israeli strikes on sites belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah near the Syrian capital, Damascus.

According to information from the Syrian Capital, “Three non-Syrians loyal to Iran were killed in Israeli bombing on farms and other sites belonging to Hezbollah near Aqraba and Sayyida Zeinab”.

Israeli war planes also bombed Syrian air defense sites in the south of the country.

In parallel, around 34 Syrian Army soldiers and fighters loyal to them were killed as a result of simultaneous attacks launched by the Islamic State cells on Wednesday in the Syrian desert, a toll considered among the highest this year.

ISIS often adopts targeting areas or buses carrying soldiers or public employees, especially in the Syrian desert region, to which ISIS fighters retreated after they were defeated from the last areas under their control in eastern Syria.

According to reports, at least eight soldiers and 26 other fighters, most of them from the Syrian government’s National Defense Forces, were killed as a result of simultaneous attacks launched by ISIS at dawn on Wednesday on military checkpoints in the Syrian desert.

The casualties, though would rise due to the presence of wounded, some of whom are in serious condition.

ISIS launched its attacks on the Rusafa area in the Syrian desert, located between the governorates of Deir al Zour (east), Raqqa (north), and Homs (central).

After the attack Russian warplanes launched strikes on the Rusafa area in the Syrian desert, where ISIS members are hiding.

These strikes, according to the same source, resulted in the killing of seven ISIS militants.

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