Ankara Center for Policy Research: Why is Washington putting pressure on its ally Germany?


The Ankara Center for Policy Research posted an article stated that the war in Ukraine and the Sino-American conflict over Taiwan highlighted the tense relationship between Germany and the United States.

The article stated that the United States is trying to keep crises in the world under its control and use it as a means of pressure on allied countries, and Ukraine and Taiwan come at the top of the issues concerned, and both are weak points for Germany, which had developed serious partnerships with Moscow and Beijing in areas such as economy and energy.

For many years, it entered into close relations with them, and that is why it doesn’t seem possible for Germany to get rid of these partnerships in the short term, and therefore it is forced to submit to the United States while it is forced.

Germany is under intense pressure from Washington, which threatens to withdraw its support for European security if Berlin does not respond to its demands to align with it in the confrontation with Russia in Ukraine and the confrontation with Beijing regarding Taiwan, adding that Germany’s participation in supporting Ukraine militarily comes in response to Washington’s pressure on Berlin.

At the same time, Germany set some conditions for the United States in exchange for providing tank support to Ukraine, which is considered a challenge to Washington and tantamount to a departure from US control, as Berlin stipulated that sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine be within the framework of necessity.

The German federal Government led by the German chancellor Olaf Scholz have said it, and it’s the same condition set by Washington for providing the American Abrams tanks to Kiev.

Germany’s main concern is the possibility of NATO allies entering into a direct conflict with Russia because of the weapons supplied to Ukraine, and drawing the whole of Europe into a war in which, if it occurs, Europe will be the most affected, not the United States.

The defense spending crisis between the United States and Europe; Which began during the era of former President Donald Trump, and is still continuing, as Trump had threatened to exit NATO unless European countries increased their defense spending to 2% of their budgets, as Washington believes that it cannot bear the cost of protecting Europe alone, so it started in reducing the number of its soldiers in Germany before the start of the Ukrainian war, and then returned and increased them again.

Many US political experts considered the German chancellor visit to Beijing last November a German betrayal of the United States.

In conclusion, Germany cannot act freely as long as it’s under the protection of America (NATO), and that Washington should not ignore Berlin’s so called betrayal, proposing to move US soldiers from Germany to Poland or the Baltic states in order for Berlin to learn a lesson.

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