An open microphone: What went between Biden’s and Netanyahu


An open microphone next to US President Joe Biden revealed details of his conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the issue of delivering aid to the Gaza Strip.

In addition to the open microphone, cameras monitored the conversation between Biden and Democratic Senator Michael Bennett, after his annual State of the Union address to the US Congress on Friday.

Bennett informed the US President of his recent visit to Israel, and asked him to continue pressing for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Biden responded to him by saying, “I told Bibi (Netanyahu)… and I told him that you and I will have a meeting; Come to Jesus (meaning serious talk)”.

In response to reporters whether he was frustrated with Netanyahu regarding aid, Biden responded, “Yes”.

During his State of the Union address, Biden announced that he had issued instructions to the US Army to establish a temporary port on the Gaza coast, and that more humanitarian aid would enter Gaza by sea through the port without US soldiers setting foot on the territory of the Strip.

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