An Israeli prisoner who was recently released from Gaza: Hamas militants protected prisoners with their bodies from Israeli bombing in Gaza


An Israeli prisoner released from Gaza in a prisoner exchange narrated exciting details about her and other prisoners experiencing an Israeli army bombing in a place where they were in Gaza, so Hamas fighters protected them with their bodies.

Almog Goldstein, 48, told Israeli Channel 12 on Friday evening that Hamas militants were aware of the importance of the Israeli prisoners, referring to the conclusion of prisoner exchange deals.

She revealed that one night, during captivity in Gaza, prisoners, whose number she didn’t specify, were taken out to a supermarket to sit in a place she didn’t specify.

She said, “We were in a supermarket, then quickly there was a bombing on the street, where the supermarket is located, and the shooting was like an excavator approaching… its coming to you, it was crazy, it was like this, ta-ta-ta, and it comes to you”.

She added, “While we were like this, we folded the bed we were on, and our guards and armed kidnappers stood protecting us with their bodies”.

The Israeli anchor asked, “Do they protect you?”

She replied, “From the shooting coming from the Israeli army, because we were very important to them”.

She pointed out that there was a fear that they would receive some instructions, and perhaps something in the end that they would decide to kill us.

She said, “And we would ask them that sometimes as well, and they would tell us: We will die before you die, we will die together… If that happens, we will die together because we are close to you, we are with you”.

Goldstein, her daughter Agam (17 years old), and her two sons Gal (11 years old) and Tal (9 years old) were released by Hamas three weeks ago as part of a prisoner exchange deal that included a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip.

Goldstein stated that she and her children were captured with other Israeli prisoners in an apartment for 5 weeks and said, “My fears were that this captivity would probably take years”.

She added, “We were asked to walk a little to move the body”.

She stated that she shook hands with one of the gunmen, saying, “He brought a towel and put it on his hand before greeting me, because he’s not allowed to touch me”.

As for her daughter Agam, she said, “They told me: ‘You, we will marry you in Gaza, and we will find a husband for you here”.

As for Goldstein, she said, “They also gave it a very beautiful Arabic name… They called it “Salsabil,” which means fresh water”.

However, her daughter Agam said, “I don’t want them to think that we were good there, that they were good there, that we saw some kind of humanity in them… We’ll never forgive and we will never show any kind of compassion towards these people”.

Israeli Channel 12 said, “Hamas, which detained the four family members, realized that it had a priceless bargaining chip in its hands, and instructed their captors to keep Goldstein and her children alive at all costs”.

Agam said, “Netanyahu wanted to bring down Hamas, but if you kill the two guards who were with me, where am I, and where will I go? Here, we have received answers about where people would go without their captors… They were killed by the fire of our forces”.

In this regard, she pointed out that the Israeli army “accidentally” killed 3 Israeli prisoners in Gaza recently.

Referring to participating in the funeral of one of these prisoners, she added, “They asked me why I attended Alon’s funeral, and I said that I felt like it was us, but this didn’t happen to us in the end”.

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