An American Jewish billionaire puts his wealth in the service of Trump


American billionaire Jeff Yass directed his wealth towards supporting former US President Donald Trump as he prepares to run in the upcoming elections in the United States, where he is competing with current President Joe Biden.

He is now considered the largest donor announced under his personal name in the 2024 US presidential election campaign, as he began supporting Trump’s social media network on the stock market, and even the lobbies supporting TikTok application.

Jeff Yass is known for his ability to maintain his material and ideological gains, as a group of non-governmental organizations in Pennsylvania issued a warning about his entry into the US political scene, as his wealth ranges between around $40 billion, and he uses it as a means to influence policies that serve his interests.

Although Yas’s name has been widely circulated, especially in his relationship with Trump and other issues, his impact on democracy hasn’t been definitively determined.

The media linked him to the opposition to Trump in a law aimed at banning TikTok in the United States.

Jeff Yas is expected to suffer significant financial losses if TikTok, the platform used by millions of people in the United States.

Some reports indicate that he is considered the main financier of a number of politicians aligned with Trump, including the “Club for Growth” organization and others.

He is considered one of the main funders of the Kohelet Political Forum, an Israeli think tank that leans to the far right.

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