Aiming to avoid Government Shutdown… US Congressional leaders agree on a temporary funding bill


On Saturday that US Congressional leaders had agreed on a temporary spending bill in two parties with the aim of continuing to fund the federal government until March and avoiding a partial government shutdown starting late next week.

The US congressional leaders agreed on a so-called “continuing resolution,” which would extend government funding for two deadlines, March 1 and March 8.

The Republican Party members in the House of Representatives will hold a conference call later to unveil the plan.

Current funding expires on January 19 for some federal agencies, including the Department of Transportation, while others, such as the Department of Defense, face a February 2 deadline.

Senior Democrats and Republicans in Congress had reached a spending deal worth $1.59 trillion on January 7 to fund the government during the current fiscal year, but if they weren’t able to approve it by January 19, sectors of the federal government would begin to close.

Some lawmakers say a short-term funding bill is needed to allow time for bipartisan negotiators from the House and Senate to agree on spending bills for the entire 2024 fiscal year and for Congress to enact legislation.

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