After living for a century… The Godfather of the US diplomacy Henry Kissinger has died


Henry Kissinger, the famous US diplomat whose work as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under two presidents left an indelible mark on US foreign policy and led him to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, has died in an event that sparked much controversy.

Kissinger died at his home in Connecticut on Wednesday at the age of 100, according to a statement issued by his geopolitical consulting firm Kissinger Associates Inc., which didn’t mention any circumstances.

The statement said that his funeral will be held in a private family ceremony, followed at a later time by a public memorial service in New York City.

While many praised Kissinger for his brilliance and extensive experience, others described him as a war criminal for supporting anti-communist dictatorships, especially in Latin America.

His 1973 Peace Prize – awarded jointly with Le Duc Tho of North Vietnam, who declined the award – was one of the most controversial awards of all time, and played a major role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially at the Yom Kippur war 1973, and later events that led to Egypt sign a peace agreement with Israel.

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