Abu Obaida: We destroyed 136 military vehicles of the Israeli occupation army in the ground confrontations in Gaza so far and Prisoners exchange is the only path for Israel


Hamas’s military wing al Qassam Brigades spokesman, Abu Obaida, announced in an audio and video speech the losses of the Israeli army in the ground confrontations between the Palestinian resistance and the occupation forces penetrating into the Gaza Strip.

He announced that al Qassam Brigades had destroyed 136 tanks and military vehicles of the Israeli occupation army on the battlefields, stressing that the resistance had caused massive casualties among the enemy’s ranks.

He also pointed out that these vehicles, which were destroyed by the resistance on the ground in the Gaza Strip, are capable of occupying a large, sprawling and fully-fledged country, while the enemy pushes them to a front that doesn’t have a tank, a plane, a track, or even a mountain, a plateau, or difficult terrain.

“We destroyed 136 tanks and military vehicles of the occupation on the fighting fronts, and our fighters continue to confront the Israeli aggression”.

In the details, he explained that the Palestinian resistance is maneuvering with the elite forces of our mujahideen, so they turn around to strike the enemy in its rear lines and to set ambushes for it and its tanks.

He stressed that the resistance is destroying Israeli vehicles from point zero and from the effective range of anti-armor and anti-personnel weapons, noting also that the sniper weapons continue to target the occupation soldiers, and that the artillery weapons target the buildings in which the occupation soldiers are holed up.

Abu Obaida pointed out that all of these achievements carried out by the Palestinian resistance are in the face of an army that is claimed to be the strongest in the region, and possesses a huge armored force and elite brigades supported by land, sea, and air.

Abu Ubaida confirmed that the prisoners exchange issue is still present, and the only path is an exchange deal, reiterating the resistance’s readiness for it to take place either completely or in parts.

He said, “We’ve female prisoners in prisons, and the Israeli occupation has female prisoners among our women… We’ve civilian prisoners, the sick, and the elderly in the Israeli enemy’s prisons, and we have prisoners of the same categories… We’ve fighters and resistance fighters in the Israeli occupation’s prisons, and we captured soldiers of the Israeli enemy”.

On the other hand, a number of press sources reported that the Israeli army began using old Merkava M3 tanks that were about to be removed from service, which is news that confirms the large amount of losses that the Israeli forces are exposed to in Gaza.

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