About 1.8 million computers in Germany operate on old and unsecured operating systems


A recent study revealed that there are more than 1.8 million computers in Germany running old Microsoft Windows operating systems that haven’t been updated for years.

These computers are used to connect to the Internet, even though they don’t have any protection against any security threats on the Internet.

The study conducted by the information technology security company ESET in the German capital, Berlin, stated that most of the unsecured systems, numbering about 1.5 million devices, are still running the Windows 7 operating system, which is no longer being updated and its security gaps have been filled, about four years ago.

According to ESET company, there are still some devices running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, or even the XP operating system, the last update of which was issued by Microsoft 15 years ago, and that cybercriminals can easily attack such devices.

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