A Ukrainian agent admits getting instructions from the Ukrainian intelligence services to prepare an attack on Russian ship in the Black Sea Fleet


The Russian Federal Security Service announced that the person arrested on charges of collaborators confessed that he intended to carry out a terrorist attack on a ship belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, this month, on the instructions of the Ukrainian intelligence services.

On Thursday, the Russian security released a video of an agent’s confession, as he said, “Since the start of the special military operation, and my surrender to propaganda, I was recruited by the Ukrainian intelligence… In July 2023, I received an order to commit a terrorist act, and they guaranteed me in exchange for an achievement”.

“The mission was a success, I was granted Ukrainian citizenship and a financial rewar,” he said.

He explained that he maintained contact with the Ukrainian Security Department unit, through one of his acquaintances, who lives in Ukraine.

The agent who was arrested by Russian FSB added that during the period of cooperation, data was transmitted to the Ukrainian Security Service, confidential information about the participation of ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the special military operation.

Earlier in the day, the Russian Federal Security Service announced that it had thwarted an attempt by Ukrainian intelligence to carry out a terrorist act on one of the ships equipped with high-precision weapons belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

In addition, it’s suspected that the agent has transmitted information to the enemy that includes state secrets, and work is underway to file criminal cases under articles of the Russian Criminal Code, related to terrorism, illegal trafficking in explosives or explosive devices, and high treason, and “Disclosure of Information Containing State Secrets”.

Earlier this week, the Federal Security Service announced that, on July 22, it had found traces of explosives in a foreign cargo ship, which was heading from Türkiye to the port of Rostov-on-Don, to load grain.

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