A Mysterious disappearance of the Chinese Foreign Minister


Press reports say that the Chinese foreign minister, Qin Gang hasn’t been seen for several weeks, as he was scheduled to meet his US counterpart in Indonesia, but China announced that he wouldn’t attend.

The British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly postponed his visit to China, after his Chinese counterpart, disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

The White House commented on the Chinese Foreign Minister disappearance by saying, “We don’t know his fate.”

Qin Gang’s last appearance was during a meeting with the foreign ministers of Sri Lanka and Vietnam and Russian officials on June 25.

Gang’s disappearance led to various speculations raised on Chinese social media, including information believed to be that he was dismissed due to an extramarital affair with former Chinese News anchor, Fu Xiaotian, who resides in the United States, and holds US nationality.

Xiaotian was accused of being spying for the United States, while others suggested that his absence was related to health issues.

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