A military advisor to the Revolutionary Guard was killed in an Israeli raid on Damascus


A military advisor to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Saeed Alidadi, was killed during air strikes launched by Israeli aircraft on Syria in the early hours of Friday morning.

Alidadi was killed after an Israeli aircraft targeted area in southern Damascus.

On Friday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard confirmed that one of its advisors was killed in an Israeli raid on Damascus.

The leader of the Revolutionary Guard, Saeed Alidadi, was killed in the Israeli raid that targeted the Sayyida Zeinab area, south of Damascus.

Israel targeted a temporary weapons storage warehouse in the vicinity of the Aqraba military airport, south of Damascus.

A Syrian military source indicated that Syrian air defenses responded to the Israeli raids that targeted points south of the capital, Damascus, in the dawn period, confirming that there were no human casualties.

The Israeli attacks took place on the vocational school in Sayyida Zeinab and the vicinity of the town of Ghazlaniya towards Damascus International Airport.

The report indicates that this attack is the eighth of its kind on Damascus since the beginning of the year, as the Israeli raids were concentrated on the governorates of Damascus, its countryside, and Dara’a, and five air strikes and three ground raids were carried out.

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