A former CIA Analyst: Zelensky will be overthrown or killed for not being in a mood for peace negotiate with Russia


Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will be overthrown or killed because he is not in the mood to negotiate peace with Russia.

Johnson said, “I think the most likely scenario is a coup and Zelensky losing power… The second possible option is to kill him, however, I don’t think Zelensky will change his mind and say, ‘OK, let’s negotiate with Russia”.

Because of the actions of the Ukrainian government, Johnson reported, Ukraine is experiencing a real demographic and humanitarian catastrophe: 13 million people have left the country, and of the remaining 27 million, 400,000 have died in battle.

Johnson concluded an interview on the “Judge Napolitano-Judging Freedom” channel on YouTube, “In World War II, when the population of the United States was 150 million people, we lost only 472 thousand people, and we knew, we had a population seven times greater than Ukraine, and they still They lose nearly as much as we lost during the entire four years of war”.

Earlier, the advisor to the head of Zelensky’s office, Mikhail Podolyak, said that there can be no negotiations with Moscow, and that Kiev opposes any ceasefire scenario, because this would mean an actual victory for Russia.

As noted in the Kremlin, there are no preconditions for the situation to move to a peaceful course, and Moscow’s absolute priority is to achieve the goals of the special operation, and at the moment this can only be achieved by military means.

They also added that Russia highly appreciates the efforts of all countries trying to find a solution to the conflict in Ukraine, in a peaceful way, but so far, this isn’t possible.

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