3 European cities announce severance of relations with Israel


Prominent European cities have announced a boycott of products exported by Israeli settlements, as they are products that came from illegal hotspots and aren’t recognized by the world.

The Boycott Israel Movement (BDS) welcomed the announcement of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, to ban the import of goods and services of companies that contribute directly or indirectly to Israeli settlements, and the BDS movement affirmed that dealing with these products constitutes a flagrant violation of international law.

The BDS expressed its appreciation for the decision of the Norwegian solidarity groups, unions and parties, which followed the decision of the Mayor of Barcelona to freeze relations with the “Israeli colonial and apartheid regime”.

The BDS called on the cities of the world to join Oslo and Barcelona and sever their relations with the Israel, in order to stand up to global complicity with their crimes and in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality”.

On the other hand, the Belgian city of Liege adopted the proposal of the Workers’ Party (PTB) to sever all relations with Israel, as long as it does not respect international law.

“A great victory for the Workers’ Party (PTB), thanks to the support of the people who gathered yesterday outside the Liège City Hall in front of the Confessional Council,” said the head of the Left Party, Raoul Hadibou, on Facebook.

He added, “We decided to stop relations with Israel as long as it continues to violate international law”.

He concluded by saying, “After Oslo and Barcelona, ​​Liege joins the cities of solidarity with Palestine… Let us continue the battle so that more and more cities follow suit”.

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