Russia: the US intelligence responsible for the death of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that, according to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the death of former President Hugo Chavez may be caused by an American drug that causes cancer and chronic diseases.

The commander of the radio-logical, chemical and biological protection forces of the Russian army, Igor Kirillov, stated that “according to Venezuelan information, since 2002, American intelligence agencies have been working to find ways to eliminate Chavez, who pursued an anti-American policy, and assassination attempts were revealed with the participation of Employees at the US Embassy in Caracas.

He explained, quoting data from the Venezuelan side, that “the United States carried out activities to create drugs that, when introduced for a short period in the body, cause chronic diseases and lead to the development of various types of cancer,” noting that “according to the Venezuelan side, a similar drug was used to poison Chavez from Before Claudia Diaz, who was part of the presidential delegation.

With the help of American intelligence services, she left Venezuela and was subsequently transferred to the United States in order to avoid possible disclosure of details of her cooperation with American intelligence services”.

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