Kissinger retracts his comments on Russia

US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advises Ukraine and Western countries not to give up any Ukrainian territory that Russia seized during its military operation in Ukraine.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has advised Ukraine and Western countries not to give up any Ukrainian territory that Russia has liberated since the start of its own military operation in Ukraine, in any future peace negotiations.

Kissinger told German public broadcaster ZDF that it “shouldn’t be on the table to give up Ukrainian territory,” urging Western countries to be clear about what is up for discussion.

“All this must be done with the participation of the Ukrainian people,” Kissinger said, at a time when Russia’s military operation in Ukraine completed five months.

Weeks ago, Kissinger sketched out several scenarios for the crisis in Ukraine, saying that “if Russia stops at the limit, it has reached so far in its war on Ukraine, it will have invaded 20% of the Ukrainian lands and the greater part of Donbas, and this will be a victory for it”.

Last May, the US Secretary of State said, at the Davos Forum, that Kissinger believed that “Ukraine must give up some territory to Russia,” warning the West against its continuous attempt to defeat Russian forces in Ukraine, considering that this would have “consequences” dangerous for Europe’s long-term stability.

He renewed his warning against prolonging the war in Ukraine, and stressed the need to “push Kyiv to return to negotiations,” stressing that “the appropriate situation for it is neutrality, and that it should be a bridge between Russia and Europe”.

From the late 1960s to the late 1970s, Kissinger became a major element in shaping US foreign policy, as national security advisor and Secretary of State.

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