Tehran thwarts an attack by the Israeli Mossad on a sensitive site in Isfahan

Iran has arrested a network of agents linked to the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad), noting that they were trying to detonate explosive devices in a “sensitive center” in the central province of Isfahan, according to the Iranian official Noor News Agency.

Nour News Agency said that the explosives were planted in the unspecified location, and the “terrorist operation” was thwarted “a few hours” before it was carried out, without specifying the agency from which it obtained this information.

The report said Mossad-linked agents crossed into Iran from the Kurdish region of Iraq, and received “several months of training” in an African country.

Isfahan, which houses Iran’s main nuclear enrichment sites and missile facilities, has been the target of attacks in the past, according to Bloomberg News.

Last year, Iranian officials blamed Israel for an accident on April 11 that disrupted power supplies to the Natanz nuclear facility and damaged several centrifuges.

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