Russia thwarted an intelligence operation to hijack Russian warplanes

The Russian Federal Security Service announced, Monday, the thwarting of the operation of the Ukrainian military intelligence, supervised by the intelligence of NATO countries, to hijack Russian fighter warplanes.

“The Russian Federal Security Service thwarted the operation of the Main Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to hijack combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force, supervised by NATO intelligence,” the service said in a statement.

The statement added: “Members of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, on behalf of the country’s political leadership, attempted to recruit Russian military pilots in exchange for a financial reward and guarantees of obtaining citizenship of one of the European Union countries, to persuade them to fly and land planes at airports controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces”.

The security service confirmed that the Ukrainian military intelligence had promised to pay up to two million dollars to Russian pilots for hijacking a fighter plane. 

Ukrainian military intelligence also promised to send pilots to the Baltic states, Germany and Bulgaria to encourage them to hijack.

Ukraine’s military intelligence promised that the European Union would help ensure the safety of the Russian military pilot after he hijacked the plane.

Ukrainian military intelligence had hoped that a Russian Su-24, Su-34 or Tu-22M3 fighter could be hijacked, according to a video of the operations released by the Federal Security Service.

The Ukrainian military intelligence, which is preparing to hijack a Russian military warplane, also revealed to Russian pilots the locations of Ukrainian air defense systems and airports. 

Among them are the air defense coverage areas of southeastern Ukraine, the schemes of the Ozernoyu airfields (district).

(Chernogorevskaya) and Starakonstantinov (Khmelnitsky District), altitude map of the vicinity of Priluki Airport (Chernogorevskaya district).

The Russian Federal Security Service noted the identification of the Ukrainian Special Services personnel involved in this operation and their accomplices.

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