UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: 90% of Syrians are poor… and 60% suffer from food insecurity

The figures revealed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, about the horror of the Syrian human tragedy, seemed shocking to the members of the Security Council, as they show the depth of the tragedy after a decade of war, through his report that he submitted.

Guterres stressed that “90% of the Syrians live in poverty, and 60% of them suffer from food insecurity, in addition to the fact that 7.78 million didn’t have the number of doctors or medical facilities that met the minimum standards accepted globally”.

He pointed out that about 9 million Syrians live in areas not under the control of the Syrian regime, including 5.6 million in need of humanitarian aid.

Last month, the Secretary-General presented the members of the Council with a non-public report, stressing the impossibility of replacing the cross-border mechanism at this stage with the mechanism for passing through the front lines from Damascus, which Moscow wants to strengthen in order to fully recognize the sovereignty of the Syrian regime.

He explained that his report was based on United Nations information, data from humanitarian agencies and partners, and meetings in Damascus, Gaziantep and Amman, and stressed that Syria is witnessing one of the most complex humanitarian operations.

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