In Germany vaccinating hundreds with Covid-19 expired doses

A vaccination center in the German state of Bavaria provided expired doses of the “Biontech” vaccine against Corona early this year.

On Tuesday, in response to a query, the CEO of Trezec, which operates the vaccination center, Lima Claggis, said that about 1,800 people received these doses during the period from 4 to 6 January in the vaccination center in the Eersberg region, or in an external unit in the town of Boeing, or by a mobile vaccination team.

Claggis explained that the expiry date of these doses was December 31.

The company excludes any health damage or after-effects from receiving expired doses, and also doesn’t expect a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine with proper storage and use of doses, adding that in similar cases elsewhere, no damage occurred.

The company spoke of a human error, and accordingly laid off two employees, explaining that they didn’t correctly implement the instructions for use, as the expiration date is calculated after taking the doses out of the refrigerator.

The company confirmed that in the future, the labels and storage status will be closely monitored, and that it will be in close contact with the manufacturer and the authorities.

People who have received these doses can have a free antibody test at the vaccination center, and be re-vaccinated if necessary.

A similar incident occurred in Cologne as well.

According to a statement from the city, on Monday, the Paul Ehrlich Institute of the Ministry of Health doesn’t rule out a decline in the effectiveness of expired doses, but it doesn’t assume a complete loss of the active substance.

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